Network and Operating System Support for Digital Audio and Video (NOSSDAV)

NOSSDAV is a uniquely interactive and discussion-oriented workshop attended by top researchers, students, developers, and practitioners from academia and industry to discuss new ideas and future directions in multimedia applications, networking, operating systems, and other related areas of computing. Over the years, the scope of NOSSDAV has broadened to include networked games, sensor networks, multimedia interfaces and peer-to-peer networking.

NOSSDAV takes place annually and is co-located with ACM MMSys. NOSSDAV is guided by the ACM MMSys Steering Committee.

Number Year Dates Venue Chair(s)
35 2025 April Stellenbosch, South Africa TBD
34 2024 April Bari, Italy Amr Rizk and Maria Torres Vega
33 2023 June Vancouver, BC, Canada Wei Cai and Yao Liu
32 2022 June Athlone, Ireland Zhisheng Yan, Michael Zink and Yong Liu
31 2021 May Istanbul, Turkey Mylene C.Q. Farias, Andra Lutu and Gwendal Simon
30 2020 June 10/11 Istanbul, Turkey M. Reha Civanlar, Lucile Sassatelli and Jong-Seok Lee
29 2019 June 21 Amherst, MA USA Ali C. Begen, Thomas Schierl and Sejin Oh
28 2018 June 15 Amsterdam, The Netherlands Ketan Mayer-Patel, Nabil Sarhan and Chuan Wu
27 2017 June 23 Taipei, Taiwan Chun-Ying Huang and Pan Hui
26 2016 May 13 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria Hermann Hellwagner and Eckehard Steinbach
25 2015 March 20 Portland, Oregon Wu-chi Feng
24 2014 March 19 Singapore Songqing Chen and Kuan-Ta Chen
23 2013 February 26-27 Oslo, Norway Pål Halvorsen and Laszlo Böszörmenyi
22 2012 June 7-8 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Baochun Li and Shervin Shirmohammadi
21 2011 June 2-3 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Charles Krasic and Kang Li
20 2010 June 2-4 Amsterdam, Netherlands Dick Bulterman and Mohamed Hefeeda
19 2009 June 3-5 Williamsburg, Virginia, USA Dongyan Xu and Wei Tsang Ooi
18 2008 May 28-30 Braunschweig, Germany Lars Wolf and Carsten Griwodz
17 2007 June 4-5 Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA Reza Rejaie and Klara Nahrstedt
16 2006 May 22-23 Newport, Rhode Island, USA Brian Levine and Mark Claypool
15 2005 June 12-14 Skamania, Washington, USA Wu-Chi Feng and Ketan Mayer-Patel
14 2004 June 16-18 Cork, Ireland Cormac Sreenan and Venkata Padmanabhan
13 2003 June 1-3 Monterey, California, USA Christos Papadopoulos and Kevin Almeroth
12 2002 May 12-14 Miami Beach, Florida, USA Kevin Almeroth and Jim Griffioen
11 2001 June 25-27 Danfords on the Sound, New York, USA Jason Nieh and Henning Schulzrinne
10 2000 June 26-28 Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA Kevin Jeffay and Harrick Vin
9 1999 June 23-25 Basking Ridge, New Jersey, USA Chuck Kalmanek
8 1998 July 8-10 Cambridge, United Kingdom Ian Leslie and Derek McAuley
7 1997 May 19-21 St. Louis, Missouri, USA Guru Parulkar
6 1996 April 23-26 Zushi, Japan Hideyuki Tokuda
5 1995 April 18-22 Durham, New Hampshire, USA Riccardo Gusella and Thomas Little
4 1993 November 3-5 Lancaster, United Kingdom Doug Shepherd
3 1992 November 12-13 La Jolla, California, USA Venkat Rangan
2 1991 November 18-19 Heidelberg, Germany Ralf Guido Herrtwich
1 1990 November Berkeley, California, USA Domenico Ferrari

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