Paper #3

Cooperative Metering for Receiver-Initiated
Service Level Agreement

Syed Umair Ahmed Shah & Peter Steenkiste
Carnegie Mellon University


The Differentiated Service architecture is an attempt to provide a simple, flexible and scalable model of service differentiation based on the nature of the forwarding behavior required for the traffic. Service Level Agreements are established between the users and the service provider that specify the traffic contract to which both the sides agree to as well as the guarantees promised by the service provider. One such class of agreements can be that the traffic contract and guarantees are provided for the traffic going into a single or group of receivers from multiple sources. For many distributed applications, like a distributed simulation, where results are being gathered by a central server from several points in the network, it would be helpful if the server could control the share of each source or the aggregate traffic from multiple sources in a dynamic and fair manner. In this paper we present a simple strategy to provide a fair and conservative scheme for sharing the resources of the incoming link. The scheme parameters allow the provider to easily configure and adapt to the requirements of a range of traffic agreements.
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