Paper #4

A Server-Centric Streaming Model

Jin Hwan Jeong & Chuck Yoo
Korea University & Sun Microsystems


The current streaming technology is based on a model that a server sends encoded streams and that a client does decoding and rendering in real time. In this model, a client must have a powerful hardware and must have specific decoders to handle various compression algorithms (e.g. MPEG, H-263, etc.). This paper starts with a different assumption: network bandwidth is available so that it is no longer a bottleneck. Based on this assumption, we present a new streaming model where both the server and the client participate in the decoding process. The new model reduces the processing requirement at client to the level that a thin device with 486-class CPU (called Sun Ray 1) is able to play the full-size (640X480) NTSC video at 30 frame/sec. Furthermore, the decoding at client becomes independent of any compression algorithm so that Sun Ray 1 can play streams of various compression algorithms without specific decoders.
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