NOSSDAV 2001 Author Instructions
Camera-ready papers due May 15, 2001

For authors of papers accepted for NOSSDAV 2001: the following information will acquaint you with the submission process and expedite preparation and publication of the proceedings for the workshop.

Submission Deadlines and Preparation of Copy
All ACM sponsored proceedings will be included in the ACM Digital Library as well as prepared for printed publication. All papers for the conference must be submitted in an electronic format which conforms to ACM specifications and must be received no later than May 15, 2001. Your submission is limited to 10 pages. Templates for ACM Proceedings are available in LaTeX (use option#2 -- sig-alternate class file), WordPerfect, and Microsoft Word (using Word is preferred). Note:

  1. Papers should be produced using the templates and submitted electronically via email (as an attachment to the email) to: Use the name of the conference in the subject line when submitting your material (example: NOSSDAV '01). Be sure your text and .ps files are formatted for American Letter (8-1/2x11).
    If you are using WORD, please send the .doc file (you do not have to send a .ps file). For authors using LaTeX, please send the .tex file and a .ps file (use option#2-sig-alternate class file). If you would like to use FrameMaker, please make the .fm file match the specifications outlined in the WORD template. FrameMaker users contact me for the copyright information for the bottom/left of the first page.

  2. Do not alter the templates other than for line or page breaks. Authors using LaTeX, be sure to put all text into ONE .tex document, including the references from your .bbl file, please send your figures--zipped or tarred together.

  3. Submissions that do not conform to the ACM standards and formats will be returned to the author for corrections and/or alterations.

  4. Please be sure to leave the text box on the templates in place for the copyright blurb to be inserted or completed. For those authors using LaTeX, please fill in or insert the following three lines after \begin{document}: \conferenceinfo{NOSSDAV'01,} {June 25-27, 2001, Port Jefferson, New York, USA.}

  5. Your actual text (source) file is needed to produce the METADATA for ACM's digital library.

  6. Please incorporate the reviewers remarks into your paper. Also be sure that there are no bad page or column breaks, meaning no widows (last line of a paragraph at the top of a column). If this happens, either tighten the previous column or force a line over. Section and Sub-section heads breaking near the end of a column or page, should remain with at least 2 lines of body text. Again, be sure that your .ps file is formatted for American Letter (8-1/2x11). Make Your Titles Initial Caps!!

  7. If you or a co-author are an employee of the US Government, please contact Lisa Tolles-Efinger at Sheridan Printing, by phone at 908-213-8988 or via email at with the conference name (NOSSDAV'01) in the subject line, about the correct copyright information for your paper.
Copyright Release Form
ACM requires your original signature on a hardcopy of the copyright release form. The form itself can be downloaded. The title, authors and publication must be filled in at the top and signed at the bottom. Be sure that your title matches your submission, or a new form will be requested. The form with the lead author's original signature must be mailed or sent via an express carrier by May 15, 2001 to:

Sheridan Printing
Attn: Lisa Tolles-Efinger
1425 Third Ave.
Alpha, NJ 08865 (USA)

If you download this form now and send it in, you do not have to send it via an express carrier, regular USPS or airmail would be sufficient.

If you still have questions or problems please contact:

Lisa Tolles-Efinger
Sheridan Printing Co., Inc.
phone: 1-908-213-8988
fax: 1-908-454-2554
email: with the conference name (NOSSDAV'01) in the subject line.

Thank you again for participating in this conference. We look forward to receiving your materials on a timely basis.