NOSSDAV paper submission

NOSSDAV only reviews and publishes original work not currently under consideration elsewhere, as described below. Papers not meeting these criteria will be withdrawn from the conference without review as soon as the conflict comes to the attention of the program committee.

Papers must be submitted electronically in the manner and format detailed below. Authors for whom this presents a severe problem should contact one of the technical program committee co-chairs to discuss alternatives.

Papers must be formatted according to the IEEE standard double-column format, except the font size, which must be 11pt.

Submission must be in PDF, version 3. However, the committee will also accept Postscript from Latex, FrameMaker, or MSWord source file. Postscript papers must use only standard PostScript fonts: Times Roman, Courier, Symbol, and Helvetica. (Postscript output from MSWord typically does not work on non-Microsoft platforms. The use of the Apple LaserWriter II or Linotronic printer driver is strongly recommended). The above formatted papers can be submitted in a compressed form (gzip, but not zip).

LaTeX, Framemaker and Microsoft Word files cannot be accepted. You must submit PDF or PostScript.

Papers with more than 5 pages will not be reviewed.

To submit a paper, please go to the electronic submissions page.

Dual Submission Policy

It is in the interest of NOSSDAV and its attendees that material presented at NOSSDAV has not been published elsewhere. Also, reviewing the same material twice wastes scarce reviewer resources. Waiting for NOSSDAV reviews can significantly improve a potential journal submission and avoids that two different sets of reviewers make similar recommendations.

Given these motivations, the following policies hold:

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