18th International workshop on
Network and Operating Systems Support
for Digital Audio and Video
Braunschweig, Germany    May 28-30, 2008

Author Instructions for Camera Ready Version

This page contains instructions for authors of accepted papers to NOSSDAV 2008 on how to prepare and submit the camera ready versions of their papers.

The final versions of full papers must be uploaded in EDAS by April 14, 2008.

The final versions of 2-page demo papers must be sent to griff at by April 14, 2008. The formatting information and the need for a copyright statement are the same as for full papers.

For every paper, one author must register at full fee.

Copyright form

The lead author of each paper should take the following steps to submit the ACM copyright form in order to include the paper in the NOSSDAV proceeding and the ACM digital library.

  • Please make sure that the title and author information on the copyright form match exactly those on the paper itself.
  • Please read the copyright form instructions carefully and only sign the appropriate places (e.g., do not sign both the "government employee" and "non-government employee" part).
  • Please fax the signed copyright form to +47 67 82 82 01 and add "NOSSDAV 2008" on the cover page.

Formatting Information

The final version paper must strictly follow the ACM format as specified below.

  • Please use the ACM style file to prepare the camera ready of your paper as PDF file. Note that we only accept PDF files. Use the Option 2: LaTeX2e - Tighter Alternate style - to reduce the total number of pages.
  • In your latex file, use the following settings:
    \conferenceinfo{NOSSDAV}{'08 Braunschweig, Germany}
  • For Word, you can use this file. Please don't forget to update the conference information including the ISBN number of NOSSDAV 2008 (978-1-60588-157-6/05/2008) in the copyright info box. If you are using other publishing packages, please follow the instructions found under the heading "ACM Proceedings Specifications" on this web page.
  • The camera ready versions of your paper should not exceed 6 pages.
  • Do not use page numbers in your document.

The final version of your full paper must then be uploaded to EDAS. After logging in, you find your accepted NOSSDAV paper. Follow the Submit manuscript link and upload according to EDAS' instructions.

The final version of a demo paper, on the other hand, must be sent by email to griff at