18th International workshop on
Network and Operating Systems Support
for Digital Audio and Video
Braunschweig, Germany    May 28-30, 2008

Travelling to Braunschweig

Braunschweig is located about 250 km west from Berlin in the center of Northern Germany.

International travellers can easily reach Braunschweig by flying to Hannover, Berlin or Frankfurt. The ICE train connects Braunschweig to Hannover (45 minutes), Berlin (1:30 hours) and Frankfurt (2:45 hours). Frankfurt has excellent long-distant flight connections and is one of the most important hubs in Europe. Berlin is well-connected to the rest of Europe by air. The cost-conscious may appreciate that it is serviced by many low-cost airlines.

Hannover is also well-connected to the rest of Europe, e.g., to major airport hubs like London, Paris, and Amsterdam. From Hannover, besides train connections, also airport shuttle can be used to get to Braunschweig (wich is then even approximately comparable in cost and time with taxis between New York airports and Manhattan).

If you plan to participate in IWQoS as well as NOSSDAV, we propose that you consider using the train. IWQoS 2008 is held at the University of Twente from June 2-4, and there are 3.5-hour train connections from Braunschweig to Hengelo, with good sight-seeing opportunities at both ends of the trip as well as on the way. For the combined trip, you should consider Amsterdams airport Schipol.

The web pages of Deutsche Bahn allow searching for most train connections in Germany. For DB's own connections, online booking is possible.

Hotels in Braunschweig

In some hotels, there are special prices for members and guests of the Technical University Braunschweig. You will be able to access these offers by telling the correct code. Nevertheless, the listed prices cannot be guaranteed and they even might be cheaper without the code.

You can use this Google Earth coordinate file to explore the location of the hotels with respect to the conference site.

Apartmenthotel Celler Tor

Street Ernst-Anne-Str. 24
Tel. +49 531 5906-0
Fax +49 531 5906-100
Code NOSSDAV 2008


Street Welfenhof
Tel. +49 531 48170
Code MB046L
Price Single Room = Double Room: 87 to 107
Breakfast Buffet 16

Penta Hotel

Street Auguststrasse 6-8
Tel. +49 531 48 14-0
Price Single Room = Double Room: 73
Breakfast Buffet 14.50

Hotel An der Stadthalle

Street Leonhardstrasse 21
Tel. +49 531 7 30 68
Price Single Room: 55 to 66
Double Room: 77
Breakfast Buffet included


Street Bankplatz 7
Tel. +49 531 24321-0
Price Single Room: 49 to 55
Double Room: 65 to 75
Breakfast Buffet included

Hotel Mercure Atrium

Street Berliner Platz 3
Tel. +49 531 7 00 80
Code SC 332 619 717
Price Single Room: 55 to 76
Double Room: 101
Breakfast Buffet 15

Ringhotel Deutsches Haus

Street Ruhfautchenplatz 1
Tel. +49 531 12000
Code TU BS
Price Single Room: 74
Double Room: 110 to 116
Breakfast Buffet included

Stadthotel Magnitor

Street Am Magnitor 1
Tel. +49 531 47130
Code TU
Price Single Room: 70 (Monday-Thursday), 60 (Friday-Sunday)
Double Room; 100 (Monday-Thursday), 90 (Friday-Sunday)
Breakfast Buffet included

Best Western Hotel Stadtpalais

Street Hinter Liebfrauen 1a
Tel. +49 531 241024
Price Single Room: 86
Double Room: 106
Breakfast Buffet included

City-Hotel Braunschweig

Street Friedrich-Wilhelm-Strasse 27-29
Tel. +49 531 242410
Code TU
Price Single Room: 74-82
Double Room: 94-108
Breakfast Buffet included

Comfort Hotel Braunschweig Ost Aquarius

Street Ebertallee 44
Tel. +49 531 27 19 0
Price Single Room: 50
Double Room: 67
Breakfast Buffet included

Advance Hotel GmbH

Street Mittelweg 7
Tel. +49 531 390 770
Price Single Room: 83 (Monday-Thursday), 68 (Friday-Sunday)
Double Room: 98 (Monday-Thursday), 89 (Friday-Sunday)
Breakfast Buffet included

Landhaus Seela

Street Messeweg 41
Tel. +49 531 37001-162
Price Single Room: 64
Double Room: 83
Breakfast Buffet included

Hotel am Wollmarkt (CVJM | YMCA)

Street Wollmarkt 9-12
Tel. 2 44 40-0
Price Single Room: 45
Double Room: 79
Breakfast Buffet included