Session 1: New Applications and Services

  Dynamic Overlay Multicast in Multi-Stream/Multi-Site 3D Collaborative Systems 
  W. Wu, Z. Yang, K. Nahrstedt
  Web 2.0 Traffic Measurement: Analysis on Online Map Applications 
  S. Lin, Z. Gao, K. Xu
  Peer-Assisted Online Storage and Distribution: Modeling and Server Strategies 
  Y. Sun, F. Liu, B. Li, B. Li

Session 2: P2P Streaming I

  InstantLeap: Fast Neighbor Discovery in P2P VoD Streaming 
  X. Qiu, C. Wu, X. Lin, F. Lau
  Overlay Monitoring and Repair in Swarm-based Peer-to-Peer Streaming 
  N. Magharei, R. Rejaie
  Adaptive Overlay Topology for Mesh-Based P2P-TV Systems 
  R. Lobb, A. Silva, E. Leonardi, M. Mellia, M. Meo

Session 3: OS and End Systems

  Random Network Coding on the iPhone: Fact or Fiction? 
  H. Shojania, B. Li
  SLIPstream: Scalable Low-latency Interactive Perception on Streaming Data 
  P. Pillai, L. Mummert, S. Schlosser, R. Sukthankar, C. Helfrich
  Server-Efficient High-Definition Media Dissemination 
  P. Frey, A. Hasler, B. Metzler, G. Alonso
  Power Efficient Real-Time Disk Scheduling 
  D. Moal, D. Molaro, J. Campello

Session 4: Virtual Environments and Games

  A Delaunay Triangulation Architecture Supporting Churn and User Mobility in MMVE-s 
  M. Ghaffari, B. Hariri, S. Shirmohammadi
  Probabilistic Event Resolution with the Pairwise Random Protocol 
  J. Miller, J. Crowcroft
  Cross-Tree Adjustment for Spatialized Audio Streaming over Networked Virtual Environments 
  K. Liang, R. Zimmermann

Session 5: Security

  End-to-End Secure Delivery of Scalable Video Streams 
  Kianoosh, M. Hefeeda
  Secure Multimedia Content Delivery with Multiparty Multilevel DRM Architechture 
  T. Thomas, S. Emmanuel, A. Das, M. Kankanhalli
  Rapid Identification of Skype Traffic 
  P. Branch, A. Heyde, G. Armitage

Session 6: Understanding and Improving User Experience

  An Empirical Evaluation of VoIP Playout Buffer Dimensioning in Skype, Google Talk, and MSN Messenger 
  C. Wu, K. Chen, Y. Chang, C. Lei
  Fine-Grained Scalable Streaming from Course-Grained Video 
  P. Ni, A. Eichhorn, C. Griwodz, P. Halvorsen
  Estimate and Serve: Scheduling Soft Real-Time Packets for Delay Sensitive Media Applications on the Internet 
  I. Vaishnavi, D. Bulterman

Session 7: P2P Streaming II

  Zebroid: IPTV Data Mining to Support Peer-Assisted VoD Content Delivery 
  Y. Chen, R. Jana, D. Stern, B. Wei, M. Yang, H. Sun
  Robust Live Media Streaming in Swarms 
  T. Locher, R. Meier, S. Schmid, R. Wattenhofer
  Providing Statistically Guaranteed Streaming Quality for Peer-to-Peer Live Streaming 
  M. Wang, L. Xu, B. Ramamurthy