Information for Hosting Future NOSSDAV Workshops

NOSSDAV is a uniquely interactive and discussion-oriented workshop attended by top researchers, students, developers, and practitioners from academia and industry to discuss new ideas and future directions in multimedia applications, networking, operating systems, and other related areas of computing. Over the years, the scope of NOSSDAV has broadened to include networked games, sensor networks, multimedia interfaces, and peer-to-peer networking. The scope of NOSSDAV will continue to evolve by seeking to address the latest challenges in emerging research areas and core topics in multimedia.

NOSSDAV is a two-day workshop held annually either in late May or early June. Paper submissions are typically due some time in February. Proposals to host a future instance of the workshop are due by MARCH 1ST. A decision will be made by the steering committee and will be announced before the current year's workshop is held. Future chairs are expected to organize enough of the details in order to have a preliminary Call for Papers ready for release at the current year's workshop. Proposals should be emailed to the chair of the steering committee (

Proposals to host NOSSDAV should include the following information:

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